Valkyrie: A Mentorship Program for Creative Women

THE MISSION: To inspire and empower the next generation of creative women to pursue leadership positions confidently and joyfully.

Through organizing mentorship opportunities, sharing educational tools, and hosting a series of lectures & workshops, Valkyrie aims to build a community of support to help creative women thrive. Visit or follow us on Instagram @valkyrie_squad for the most up-to-date info on upcoming events!

THE ISSUE: where are all the women?

Like many other industries, the graphic design industry has a problem with “historical amnesia.” It’s rare to see women included in our textbooks or in university curriculums, despite their great contributions to this field. Publications like Hall of Femmes , DESIGN{H}ERS, and Women in Graphic Design are helping to correct this issue, thankfully! However, visibility is still an issue. This is a big issue. After all, it all boils down to the idea that you can’t be what you can’t see.


According to AIGA’s 2018 “Double or Nothing” campaign, women only hold 11% of leadership positions in the field. On top of that, women in design still earn less than $0.80 on the dollar compared with their male colleagues.


To help correct this imbalance, I’ve designed a mentorship program for women in design (which would be inclusive of non-binary, agender, and all gender-variant folks working in creative fields). As peers, we can empower one another and challenge society’s image of what a leader in the design world looks like. 

THE brand: why Valkyrie?


The name for this brand is rooted in several cultural references:

  • In Norse mythology, the Valkyries were an elite force of women warriors.

  • Those who are familiar with Tarot cards will have seen the Valkyrie appear as a symbol of “justice.”

  • Fans of the Marvel Comic Universe will also be familiar with Valkyrie from the Thor and Avengers series. In this world, Valkyrie is rebellious in nature but she is also a fierce leader.

With these three references in mind, it’s clear that the name “Valkyrie” is a perfect fit. This mentorship program is rooted in creating a community of strength, support, justice, increasing diverse representation, and empowering women to be leaders.


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