Pantry Savvy

A meal planning & grocery delivery service


does anybody really like grocery shopping?

Pantry Savvy is a meal delivery service that eliminates the inefficiency of going to a grocery store, but offers more flexibility and customization than your standard meal planning service like Hello Fresh or Blue Apron. While these services are great for eliminating the need to plan a meal, they can create a lot of unnecessary waste with added plastic packaging, as well as sending the user ingredients that they may already have in their kitchen. These plans don’t offer much flexibility with amounts either, which means that some of the ingredients ordered might sit around in the fridge until they begin to rot, and are dumped in the trash. By giving the user more control over the process, this excess waste could be totally avoided.


fully customizable for your lifestyle

The user would browse this app based on their meal-planning needs. For example, if you’re planning dinners for the week, you can pop into the “Dinner” category, filter your results based on desired ingredients, allergies, level of difficulty, etc., and then add ingredients to your cart straight from the recipe page.

On these individual recipe pages, the user is able to click on each ingredient to customize the exact amount that they receive in their order - perhaps they already have plenty of olive oil in their pantry and need to remove it. The user could also make a substitution, like removing chicken and adding tofu.


a Warehouse app streamlines the process on both sides

In addition to the customer-facing app shown above, Pantry Savvy would also utilize a fast, efficient “picker” app that functions within a warehouse setting, utilizing bulk food storage with a focus on eliminating wasteful, excessive packaging.