This app is inspired by the work of the Guerrilla Girls, who have made it their mission to highlight and fight inequality in the fine art world since 1985. The concept here is that the user could walk through their local museum (in this example, Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts), and utilize this app to locate all of the artwork created by women and non-binary artists, people of color, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and other underrepresented groups. This serves to highlight the work of these lesser-recognized artists, and simultaneously draws attention to the fact that these museums have inadequate representations of artists that are reflective of our real-life communities.
User Task Map
 Most importantly, I wanted to add a  user submission  option - after all, if this is about representation, shouldn’t the user be able to tell us who they want to see on these gallery walls? User submissions could be “pinned” to the walls in the gallery, replacing a piece by a well-known white male artist, and other users would be able to explore these submissions as well. They could rotate each month, so that new artists are exposed to the user every time they come back to visit the museum.
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