I chose a hand-drawn, illustrative watercolor aesthetic for this piece to appeal to my young audience and to encourage them to make their own messy, experimental artwork. The concept of baking should be familiar to most kids in this age group, making this is a very accessible analogy. If they can grasp the idea of ingredients being combined to bake a cake, they can understand that a number of “ingredients” are necessary to make a successful design, too.
 Elements such as hierarchy, scale, color theory, and grid are explored through familiar workbook activities. Each page encourages the young creative user to implement their own drawings, paintings, and collages, and to utilize unique materials in addition to their crayons and colored pencils. Some spreads encourage the user to go into their pantry and (with their parents’ permission) use found items to answer the prompts on each page - like using Cheerios or chocolate chips as a modular element to create typography!
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